Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Kayani!

**PARTIES** The seller is KAYANI AS, with a registered address at Karl Johansgate 5-7, 0154 OSLO, organization number:  914 621 305 VAT, referred to as the "seller" in the following.

The buyer is the consumer placing an order and referred to as the "buyer" in the following.

**ORDER PROCESS** The ordering process on kayani.no is straightforward. You click "add to cart" on the product you want to purchase. The item will be added to your shopping cart, allowing you to continue shopping or proceed directly to the checkout for payment. At the checkout, you can choose your preferred shipping and payment methods and enter your contact and delivery details.

By completing a purchase with us, you agree to and accept our terms and conditions. When purchasing a product, you also agree to and accept the product's information and notes. In some cases, if a product is out of stock, your order will be credited, and the amount will be refunded to your chosen payment method.

**PRIVACY, SECURITY, AND PERSONAL INFORMATION** In connection with your order, you agree that Kayani.no stores and uses your information to fulfill our obligations to you. We also document all communication with you via email to provide the service you expect from us. Kayani.no will not disclose your personal information to third parties. Under the Privacy Act, you have the right, once a year, to be a part of the information we have stored about you. We reserve the right to use email to send marketing and newsletters if you have given consent for it.

**PRICES** All our prices include VAT and exclude shipping. Our prices may vary, and therefore, we reserve the right to make price adjustments in response to market changes and other factors. We also reserve the right to correct any typographical or printing errors on our website.

**CANCELLATION** If you cancel a custom order, a transaction fee of 10% will be charged. No fees will be applied when canceling an item that is in stock.

**PAYMENT** We accept the following payment methods: VISA, MasterCard, Vipps, and Klarna. If you pay with a card, the purchase amount will be charged on the same day. When paying with Vipps, the amount will be reserved until your order is processed and shipped from our warehouse. With Klarna, you have 14 days to pay the invoice from the date we process your order (not from the date you place the order on kayani.no).

**DELIVERY AND PICKUP** Customers can choose the product's delivery method during the checkout process. The delivery time for items in the main warehouse is normally 1-3 days, depending on the location to which the product is shipped. In the case of high demand for products, longer delivery times may occur. If we are out of stock on the main warehouse, the delivery time can be up to 2 months (in which case we will provide information for each affected item). For pre-orders, we will specify the earliest and latest delivery dates for each item. If other conditions apply, we will include them in the specific product listing.

Kayani.no is responsible for the product until it is delivered to the customer.

If the buyer does not pay or fulfill other duties according to the agreement or the law, and this is not due to the seller or circumstances on the seller's side, the seller, according to the rules of the Consumer Purchase Act Chapter 9, can, under the circumstances, withhold the product, demand fulfillment of the agreement, terminate the agreement, and seek compensation from the buyer. Depending on the situation, the seller may also claim interest on delayed payment, collection fees, and a reasonable fee for uncollected items.

The customer is responsible for picking up the product, and if the item is not picked up within 14 days, there will be a shipping and return fee of NOK 99 each way, plus a fee of NOK 100.

It is also the customer's responsibility to inquire about the product if it is not received within the expected delivery time. The customer is responsible for providing the correct delivery address and is responsible for paying the shipping costs (both ways) if the product is returned to us due to an incorrect or incomplete address.

If the customer does not meet the 14-day return deadline and still returns products beyond this, they must bear the full return shipping cost with tracking from the store to the customer. We do not process returns that are beyond the return deadline.

**RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL** The right of withdrawal applies to the kayani.no online store. According to Norwegian law (the Right of Withdrawal Act), customers have the right to withdraw from a purchase. If you, as a customer, wish to withdraw from your purchase with us, you must notify us within 14 days from the date you received the product.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the product must be returned in the condition you received it within a reasonable time. The customer is responsible for the risk during the return transportation and must cover any costs associated with the return shipment. We recommend all our customers to send returns with tracking.

We offer a return label for NOK 99.

Return of the product should be sent in its original packaging to:

Kayani AS


Additional return information can be found here.

**DAMAGED GOODS AND WARRANTY** Upon receiving your order, it is important to check the items for damage or defects. If the product is damaged or faulty, you can contact us at info@kayani.store for further instructions.

If there is a defect in the product, the buyer must notify the seller of their intent to claim the defect within a reasonable time after discovering it or when it should have been discovered. The buyer has always made a timely claim if it is made within 2 months of discovering the defect. A claim can be made up to two years after the buyer received the product. If the product or parts of it are intended to last significantly longer than two years, the warranty period is extended to five years.

If there is a defect in the product, and it is not due to the buyer or circumstances on the buyer's side, the buyer may, according to the rules of the Consumer Purchase Act Chapter 6, withhold the purchase price, choose between correction and replacement, demand a price reduction, demand termination of the agreement, and/or seek compensation from the seller, depending on the circumstances.

Complaints to the seller should be made in writing.

**CORRECTION OR REPLACEMENT** The buyer can choose between demanding correction of the defect or delivery of an equivalent item. However, the seller may oppose the buyer's request if fulfilling the request is impossible or would cause the seller unreasonable costs. Correction or replacement should be made within a reasonable time. In principle, the seller does not have the right to make more than two attempts to

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